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Local Scenes

Barn on Princeton Nursery Property (72kb) Princeton Nurseries Cooling Sheds (131kb) Kingston Mill (18kb) Locktender's House (43kb) Princeton Nurseries Main Office Building  (55kb) Cherry Trees in Bloom, Division Street (68kb)
Weeping Cherry Row (58kb) Cherry Blossoms (73kb) Princeton Nurseries Greenhouse (33kb) Spring Scene, Princeton Nursery Lands (64kb) Fall Foliage along the Towpath (129kb) Rockingham (25kb)
Hedgerow, Princeton Nursery Lands (59kb) Princeton Nurseries Housing (63kb) Interior of the Princeton Nurseries Headquarters (75kb) Carpenters from Kingston work on restoration of Princeton Nurseries Main Office Building (135kb) Rear View of Princeton Nurseries Main Office Building (152kb) Old Map of Kingston (64kb)
Cherry and Magnolia (68kb) Vintage View of Kingston Mill (33kb) Old Sand Road, Princeton Nurseries Lands (79kb) Head House for Greenhouses (150kb) Princeton Nurseries Housin (56kb) West Mapleton Road (77kb)
Princeton Nurseries Storage Bulidings (113kb) A Spring Walk in Cook Natural Area (163kb) Kingston Cemetery (124kb) The Former Holsten Farm (24kb) Summer Towpath Bike Rider (61kb) Summer Towpath Tree Canopy (49kb)
Spillway (125kb) Towpath in Summer (48kb) Water Tower, Kingston (62kb) Weeping Cherries, corner of Division and Mapleton (65kb) Mapleton Road (157kb) April Snow, Mapleton Road by the Seminary (74kb)
Spruces in Winter (49kb) Seminary Road (old alignnment) with defunct building (111kb) Iris Bloom, Kingston Garden (74kb) Iris--a local beauty (79kb) Rose Bloom, Kingston Garden (83kb) Ginkgo Trees on Princeton Nursery Lands (97kb)