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Kingston Greenways Association


Kingston Greenways Association aims to establish a permanent green belt around the village of Kingston consisting of natural environments, recreational park land, agricultural and horticultural land, wetlands, streams and ponds, and sites of historical interest. The Association further aims to preserve and create connections of green among and beyond these for walking, jogging, bicycling and horseback riding. The Association aims also to promote understanding of our local region through study and education, and to provide oversight and advocacy for open space in the Kingston area. We will work in partnership with other regional, state and national groups in pursuit of open space preservation and awareness.


Board of Trustees 2019-2020

Tari Pantaleo, President
Robert von Zumbusch, Vice President
Karen Linder, Secretary
Ksenia Bobylak
Meredith Cook
Caroline Hayes
William Flemer IV


** Become a member
** Become a trustee
** Join us for walks, talks, workshops, cleanups, trail building, and field trips
** Get on our email list
** Keep us informed about events, opportunities, and impending zoning/legislation issues
** Attend public meetings, and tell state and local officials you're concerned about overdevelopment, loss of open space, and damage to wildlife habitat and water resources

KGA is looking for individuals who would like to serve as trustees. If you'd like to join our Board, or just want more information, please send us an email: tari@kingstongreenways.org

New terms begin in May of each year.